Our products have the efficacy to remove your excruciating pain points. We leverage our expertise in all facets of product development. Our products are guaranteed to remove your business risks, improve operational efficiency which will lead to increase your productivity and profits. Innovative products are our signature strengths we rely on sometimes to reaching our goals.


Daempro brings to you a revolutionary new drive-thru software for your physical stores. No matter what your business enterprise is, if your strorefront needs a drive-thru for your customers, the Damethru system is perfect for you. With the latest hardware and software, you can deliver your customers with the fastest drive-thru.


The Foodie system by Daempro is your best partner for your food-based business enterprise. Be it a restaurant, a cloud kitchen, or any business requiring a comprehensive monitoring and managing system, Foodie has got you covered on all fronts for the efficient and smooth functioning of your restaurant/business.

Smart Energy Meter

The Smart Energy Meter from Daempro is built to ensure efficiency and help save you energy anywhere, be it your home or workplace. With a smart monitoring system and other useful features and settings, you can keep track of usage and also ensure savings and prevent wastage of power whenever possible.

Smart Energy Meter
Daem Smart Cart

With the revolution of everything being smart, the Daem Smart Cart is another futuristic system that will change your life. The Smart Cart is here to enhance your experience in any arcade by replacing traditional carts with our next-gen solution for a smarter experience and an efficient overall experience.

Budget Explorer

The Budget Explorer from Daempro is your new mate to handle your budget and expenses. With a smart system that tracks your expenses and lets you know about trends, Budget Explorer is a modern day miracle for millennial people. A powerful tool in all, this expense and budget tracker is perfect for people of all age groups.

Smart Home

The Smart Home system by Daempro is built to secure your house and also monitor and control your energy usage. Comprising of the latest hardware and software modules, Smart Home allows you to control house features such as lighting, cooling and heating, security and many other useful features remotely.


Daempro brings to you SAP integration for your business in the form of FIORI Cloud POS. The Point Of Sale system is equipped with the latest software capability to enhance the experience for your customers. The increased efficiency is the key of the SAP FIORI Cloud POS for your business enterprise.