Odoo ERP Software development company in Saudi Arabia

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP, the official partner of Daempro is a full-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with intelligent technologies such as AI, machine learning, and sophisticated analytics built-in. It enables businesses to embrace new business models, manage rapid business transformations, orchestrate internal and external resources, and use AI's predictive capability. Benefit from tight, native process integration, industry depth, and an uniform in-memory data model.


Why choose Odoo?

Odoo apps are seamlessly connected, allowing you to fully automate your company operations and realize the savings and benefits.

Convert Opportunities

Grow on a consistent basis by introducing new digital business models and completely automated procedures

A distinct value proposition

Odoo’s open-source development strategy has enabled us to utilize the talents of hundreds of developers and business professionals to create the world’s biggest ecosystem of fully connected business apps.

Odoo Packages

  • Basic implementation

  • 5,000/- SAR

    Annual renewal is 2000/- SAR
  • 3 users

    1000 SR /Additional user

    5 employees

    20 SR /For each additional employee

    • Accounting
    • Inventory and warehouse book
    • Basic selling cycle
    • Basic purchasing cycle
    • Human Resources and Administrative Affairs (no fingerprint)
  • Special implementation

  • Price upon request

  • You can add many features customized for your operations (accounting, human resources, e-commerce, manufacturing, finance, marketing, sales, CRM, purchasing, website) by taking the following steps

    • GAP assessment
    • Business requirements
    • Design & Blue print
    • Solution deployment
    • Testing & Tuning
    • Golive & Suuport

    Implementation Steps

  • Odoo advanced implementation

  • 20,000/- SAR

    Annual renewal is 5000 riyals annually
  • All the benefits of the basic package +

    • Advanced selling course
    • Advanced purchasing course
    • Advanced reports
    • Project management package
    • Customer relations package
    • Marketing
    • Discussion
    • Notes
    • Expenses
    • timesheet
    • Planning
    • Appointments

    Optional paid add-ons

    • Odoo points of sale 1200 SR
    • Additional companies 1,200 SR per company
    • Extra storage space 600 SR
    • Linking to the fingerprint device 200 SR
    • Manufacturing package 4500, SR

Accounting Features

  • Daily restrictions
  • Accounts guide
  • Cost Centers Guide
  • Customer data
  • Supplier data
  • Company Data
  • fiscal year
  • Bank reconciliations
  • The period is closed
  • Sales tax and duties wizard
  • Purchasing duties and taxes wizard
  • Shipping rules
  • Currency exchange
  • Distribution of the estimated budget
  • Terms and conditions templates
  • payment methods
  • Data of banks/banks
  • Reports
  • General ledger
  • account statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements
  • Detailed customer debt ages
  • Detailed supplier debt aging
  • Sales history
  • Purchase history
  • Financial analyses
  • gross profit
  • Statement of bank reconciliations
  • Uninvoiced sales orders
  • Uninvoiced delivery notes
  • Purchase order items for billing
  • Unbilled receipts
  • Bank reconciliation summary
  • Customer payment schedule
  • Supplier payment schedule
  • Sales partners commission
  • Customer list
  • Suppliers list
  • Sales at the item level
  • Purchases at the item level
  • Estimated budget variances
  • Purchase invoice trends
  • Sales invoice trends
  • Age of customer debts
  • Monthly trial balance
  • Customer balance
  • Supplier balance
  • Item data
  • Material requests
  • stores management
  • Management of measurement units
  • Tracking by serial numbers
  • Barcode tracking
  • Packing slips
  • Installation model
  • Delivery bonds
  • Receipt vouchers
  • Inventory movements
  • Batch storage(Batch)
  • Quality inspection
  • Manage item groups
  • Inventory price lists
  • Trademarks
  • Inventory analysis(BI)
  • Unit replacement tool
  • Inventory adjustment tool
  • Reports
  • Inventory ledger
  • Inventory balance
  • Stock level
  • Stagnant inventory
  • Inventory analytics
  • Inventory ledger analytics
  • Items required for delivery
  • Purchase order items for delivery
  • Item shortage report
  • Service contract expiration date (for serial numbers)
  • Serial number status
  • Warranty expiration date (for serial numbers)
  • Price list at item level
  • Purchases are in transit
  • Items to be transported
  • Inventory balance at batch level
  • Inventory balance at the warehouse level
  • Item prices
  • Inventory refreshment levels by item
  • Delivery notes directions
  • Receipt vouchers trends
  • Item balance (quantity and value)
  • Employee data
  • Attendance and departure tables(Timesheet)
  • Leave management
  • Payroll Processor
  • Salary influences
  • Wage protection file
  • Payroll for management
  • Engine alerts and notifications
  • Salary slips for employees
  • Electronic archiving of employee documents
  • Connecting to attendance control devices
  • Performance Evaluation Wizard
  • Record your employment history
  • Employee self-service
  • Recruitment engine
  • End of service benefits calculator
  • Vacation balance tool
  • Managing types of leave
  • Manage official holiday lists
  • Managing vacation ban periods
  • Salary structure management
  • Managing types of allowances and deductions
  • Managing types of expenses
  • Manage assessment templates
  • Managing job titles
  • Management of departments/sections/grades
  • Administrative Affairs
  • A vacation request
  • Expense claim
  • Ask for permission
  • Visit visa application
  • Internal maintenance request
  • Registration of custody
  • training request
  • Request office materials
  • Assignment request
  • Request an advance
  • Remote work application
  • Request travel tickets
  • Administrative correspondence (outgoing/incoming)
  • Managing administrative forms
  • Sales invoices
  • receipt
  • Slogan of the debt
  • Sales returns
  • Customer files
  • Multiple sales price lists
  • Pricing management
  • Managing initiatives and opportunities
  • Manage sales orders
  • Managing sales fees and taxes
  • Selling non-stock items (collected)
  • Managing credit sales and credit limits
  • Selling through representatives
  • Sales commission calculation
  • Selling through partners
  • Managing customer categories and groups
  • Sales territory management
  • Separate points of sale(Offline/Online)
  • Fixed/mobile points of sale
  • Customer addresses and contacts
  • Text messaging center
  • Manage terms and conditions templates
  • sales analysis
  • Restrict promotional campaigns
  • Compatible with the customer loyalty system
  • Reports
  • Client contacts and addresses
  • List of delivery requests for items
  • Summary of sales representative operations
  • Sales history at item level
  • Sales target performance for branches/regions
  • Sales target performance for sales staff
  • Inactive clients
  • Pricing trends
  • Sales order trends
  • Available inventory for bundled items
  • Items required for sales orders
  • Purchase invoices
  • Bills of exchange
  • Purchase returns
  • Suppliers database
  • Material requisition orders
  • Price lists for multiple purchases
  • Supplier pricing management
  • Purchase order management
  • Purchase fees and taxes wizard
  • Classification of supplier groups
  • Manage item groups
  • Manage terms and conditions templates
  • Purchasing analysis
  • Reports
  • Purchase order planning – required items
  • Items required for supply
  • Requests for materials for which no supplier quotes have been
  • generated
  • Purchases are in transit
  • Purchase history at item level
  • The last purchase price at the item level
  • Purchase order trends
  • Management of production and manufacturing operations
  • Production planning
  • Manage workstations and production costs
  • Tables of materials with levels
  • Add indirect industrial costs
  • Work stations
  • Production order
  • Production planning tool
  • Manufacturing upon customer request


We first understand your business and then provide the best solution to meet all of your demands. We match your business with the out-of-the-box capabilities of Odoo with rigorous adherence to industry-standard processes and best practices, resulting in minimal customization to make the system more flexible and dependable with easy upgradability in the future. We've even handled some of the most difficult Reverse Engineering projects for the Recycling/Manufacturing businesses.


Our websites are very engaging in attracting visitors and consumers due to their extensive features, aesthetics, and user experience.


We make certain to create strong apps with built-in functions that enhance the advantages of the Odoo store. We also create custom-designed apps based on your requirements.


Our team of technical professionals is dedicated to delivering growth-oriented results. In Saudi Arabia, they use Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS to implement Odoo ERP software.


We assist you with inventory management, sales order integration, and POS integration to maximize the benefits of your e-commerce shop.


We assist businesses in using Odoo migration techniques like data extraction, integrity checks, field mapping, and data cleansing.


We build Odoo modules that are usable across many sectors and domains of a wide variety of businesses by creating interactive functionality.


We assist businesses in developing appealing designs and compelling interfaces as part of e-commerce development in order to increase consumer conversion rates.


We believe in Odoo ERP implementation set up in Saudi Arabia based on your company’s needs and make changes and development as needed.


We give experienced support and maintenance services to Odoo users around the clock, including bug fixes and strong security measures.


Affordable  Services

We are the most cost-effective and dependable Odoo ERP Software Implementation in Saudi Arabia , and we also give high-quality services to our clients.

Customizable Solutions

We listen and understand our clients’ demands, allowing us to provide them with tailored services. We seek creative ideas and solutions that are appropriate to the needs of our clients’ businesses.


Our skilled and highly trained developers and designers are committed to providing customer-centric services for a wide range of needs. They meet Odoo requirements by adhering to the highest standards and doing extensive testing.

Affordable  Services

We are the most affordable and reliable Odoo ERP service providers in Saudi Arabia, besides, we offer high-quality services to our customers. We also focus on continuous improvement and monitor our techniques, and opt for improvised ways for betterment.


We are the most affordable and reliable Odoo ERP Software Implementation in Saudi Arabia, besides, we offer high-quality services to our customers. We also focus on continuous improvement and monitor our techniques, and opt for improvised ways for betterment.


We are the most affordable and reliable Odoo ERP service providers in Saudi Arabia, besides, we offer high-quality services to our customers. We also focus on continuous improvement and monitor our techniques, and opt for improvised ways for betterment.

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